Friday 12 December 2014

The Order: 1886 CEs up close

Excited for the Collector's Editions of The Order: 1886?

Not really?

You should be,, Those images of the statues don't do it justice. Check out this video below from IGN over at the Playstation Experience 2014 event.

Amazing! The realism of the statues are just stunning. The blood effect on the Werewolf is perfectly done, and the glossy effect makes it look like it's still wet. Very realistic. 

Look at the size of that statue from the Premium Edition. No wonder it's a lot more expensive than the Collector's Edition. I still think the Collector's Edition with a 7 inch Galahad statue is a steal at US$79.99 so if you don't have space for the larger Premium Edition, you should get this. 

Me.. I'll get both!