Sunday 28 December 2014

Preparing for the new year with my new display!

A few weeks back, I posted an update about changes being made to the blog, but yes there hasn't been anything yet. Not that I gave up on the idea but I have been very busy during the festive holiday period. I'm working on the changes though so you will see them coming up very soon.

New shelves came in a while back.

and earlier today I started working on filling them up..

This was the task..

I have to say.. My parents have been very supportive of my collection habit and rather patient with the mess I left behind, when I moved out in July this year.
That's not to say.. they have not been whining about when I am going to clear the mess!

So, big thanks to them and a thank you to my wife as well for taking care of the kid while I cleared this mess.

It wasn't as bad as it first looked. The mess I created just gave my parents and my brother an excuse to use the room as a store room and half the stuff in there are actually their 'junk'.

Anyway.. couple of hours later..

It was tiring but fun. There's a couple of collectibles in there that I almost forgot that I owned. No easy task though. Thought I could arrange everything by today but I am happy with the progress.

90% of the shipping cartons have been thrown away and most of the collectibles have been moved to their respective shelves.

Of course, some of the bigger statues won't fit into these shelves so they will remain out for now. I should be able to squeeze in the 1/4 scale Mortal Kombat Ninjas once I have arranged the rest. There's still the AC Unity stuff that I haven't moved over so it might be a tight squeeze for now.

Spent a bit too much time, trying to figure out the AC Collection layout. That is the bulk of the collection so I have to work that display out first before fitting the rest in. The MK Ninjas will be at the bottom as those are pretty heavy.

If you know my collection, you would have realised, that the original display shelf isn't even in the picture. A lot of the AC figures need to be moved in to these shelves. Still some way to go..

Top left.. the AC IV collection.. not entirely complete but the 3 Edward Kenway statues are in there.

and the Diablo collection..

Don't think I have anymore Diablo stuff so that's the 2 NECA figures and the Diablo skull with the soulstone.

That's all for now.. Will update again when I make have time to work on the display again.