Friday 14 August 2015

Collection Shelves: Assassin's Creed (Part 1)

More pics of my collection shelves have been uploaded!

I will continue updating my blog with more pics of my collection over the next few days/weeks, briefly talking about what I feel about my collection. Some of the stuff were bought several years ago, so my 'like' for it may not be as much as it used to be. Also, might talk about some future plans for the different collections. 

So, do join me on this 'tour' of my collection as I give you a peek into my World!

Will be focusing on my Assassin's Creed Figures in this post.. Here's some pics!

The NECA Collection

Apart from the small Altair Figure from AC1 Collector's Edition and the small Ezio from GameStars, the rest are all NECA figures. I have every single AC figure that NECA released, including all the different variants.

There's a ton of Ezio figures from all 3 games but it all started with the Altair figure on the extreme right. That was one of the first ever figures I owned. As one of the 'pioneers' of my collection, he could probably be the reason behind my fascination with gaming figures and you could say the rest is history. 

The Flying Machine from AC Brotherhood is hanging in the background and I have a spare Ezio figure somewhere. When I get custom shelves, I will want to display him holding on to the Flying Machine hanging over the rest of the NECA figures.

The McFarlane Collection

The McFarlane line of Assassin's Creed figures have come a long way. I was rather disappointed when I heard the news that NECA will not continue producing AC figures and McFarlane would be making them instead. That was about the time right after AC3 I believe. I was worried about the continuation with McFarlane picking up from AC3 onwards.

Thankfully, McFarlane Toys weren't shy about producing figures from the past games. They even added some good choices of variant figures to the mix.

And without shying away from relatively less-popular Assassins like Aveline and Adewale, and even the enemies like Haytham Kenway and the upcoming Shay Cormac, McFarlane have an almost complete checklist of figures in the who's who in the AC Universe. 

Hardcore fans will point out some characters who should be added, but looking at a business point of view, this is as good as it gets. 

In retrospect, it was awesome that the license went over to McFarlane as I do have my doubts if we would have gotten a line like this if the license stayed with NECA. Long live McFarlane!

UbiCollectibles/Mini-Statues Collection

These will be more popular among the fans of Collector's Editions.

Living in Singapore, a lot of these CE statues weren't available locally until more recently around AC3 or AC Revelations but long before that, my fascination with these CE statues had already started. 

Paying almost double retail prices on eBay, I was getting the 'elite' European Collector's Editions for my collection since AC2. (I didn't own a PS3 when AC1 was out but it was already on my to-buy list from watching E3!)

Wasn't too convinced with the standing Altair statue initially but went ahead and bought it a couple of years later, and then tracked down the elusive Crouching Altair figurine. 

Black or White, European or US version, Big Base or Small Base, I have them all. With UbiCollectibles the brand, together with PureArts the makers, I strongly believe they were the ones who popularized the 'Statue-in-a-CE' trend.

There were hardly any CEs that included a Mini-Statue before them. A statue, accompanied by an artbook, soundtrack cd, steelbook packaged in an extravagant Collector's box was a trend started by Ubisoft in my opinion.

We have come a long way since then and almost every AAA game has that combination now and collecting has become a lot more popular than it once was.

Anyway, not everything is on display on these 2 shelves. There's more obviously.. Space is one limitation but there's another dilemma I have about my display that I will share on my next post.

The Miscellaneous Collection

These are the rest of the figures that don't fit in with the Assassins.. The Templars, The Sages, The Multiplayer Characters etc.

Capt Blackbeard was a crucial character in probably my favourite AC game, AC IV Black Flag. His UbiCollectibles figurine started a trend with the UbiCollectibles collection of having an companion figure with the main character.. Subsequently, Elise & Evie. Giving me more stress with that dilemma I talked about earlier.

McFarlane Toys are also producing figures of Templars and the other Faction, the Sage(s). Perhaps, this collection will grow big enough to take up a shelf of their own in the future. 

AC2 Brotherhood was the first in the series to have Multiplayer modes and they promoted it with Collectors' Editions with 2 character-based Jack-in-the-boxes. GameStars also produced the Harlequin and Doctor figures. Needless to say, these were my favourites to use in Multiplayer.

Lastly, you probably noticed lots of sealed McFarlane figures. Just keeping an extra piece sealed for reasons I don't even know!

Well.. that's all for now. As promised more updates will come very, very soon including the dilemma I have about my display. Maybe you guys can share some input. Do follow my blog here or via Facebook if you like my Collection!