Tuesday 18 August 2015

New Headset & Controller for my PS4!

Few days back, I was looking for the White Playstation Headset.. 

Was hoping to get a brand new one but sadly, I came up short. It definitely looks like it's pretty much sold out at every store. So I had to turn to other options.

Thankfully, I managed to find a 2nd hand one. It was still brand new & un-used but the seller had opened to check the contents. Apparently, he received it as a gift but didn't have any use for it. Got it for a very decent price.

Was also looking for a new PS4 controller to replace my current one that just refused to charge. Basically turned into a wired controller because of that. Sorry man, just couldn't deal with it.

So here they are!

Decided to get the Magma Red controller to go with my White headset, in the spirit of SG50!

Yup.. sniffed the headset and it had that 'new smell' so I'm very convinced it's as new as it can get..

Haha quite reluctant to use it because of how purely white it is.. Hopefully, it doesn't lose it's shine too quickly. Always takes time for me to start using a new product and I will be so extra careful with handling it but then in a week or two, it will be lying all over the place. Gotta keep my high maintenance levels for this one though..

Can't wait to try out the Special Audio modes for this!

Actually went down to Zepy Games at Northpoint to get myself a new controller but they only had the black one in stock. Just felt that I wanted another colour and Red at that because of my country's National Day. 

A huge thanks to Zepy Games' Facebook admin for arranging a transfer for one of their red DualShock 4 controllers, from another outlet, to the Northpoint outlet.