Saturday 8 August 2015

Evolve's Jack Statue from Project Triforce!

That was fast! Jack the new Trapper from Evolve's Hunting Season 2 just got teased a few days ago.. and here we have  Project Triforce announcing a statue of Jack in their line of Evolve Hunter statues..

A bit surprising to see him so quickly announced but I can see why.. A visually interesting character and with his vocal attitude, Project Triforce probably believes he will be a fan-favourite.

Measuring at 13", this will be limited to 500 like the other 2 Evolve Hunters announced.. But again, no preorder up yet at the moment. Would like to see what price range these release at. 

Let's see how he turns out in the game. I was actually waiting for the Griffin statue to be released as he's my favourite Trapper at the moment.

To check out the details, check out Project Triforce's item page. 

For some reason, the Kraken statue been removed from Project Triforce's website. Was looking forward to that!