Sunday 2 August 2015

My Collection Shelves!

Well.. here it is folks.. My Collection Shelves!

Been promising you guys pics for quite a while now, so here they are..

4 Shelves of my collection.. Figures, Statues, Replicas & More of my gaming collection..

That's definitely not all of them that I have. Some of you may have noticed lots of things missing but that's all I can display in the 4 shelves I have back at my parents' place. There's still quite a number of stuff still in boxes as well at my new home which are not on display yet; AC3 Premium Connor Statue, GTA stuff, Books, AC Unity stuff to name a few.

I have already taken shots of all the shelves but didn't like how some of them turned out.. so I'll need to re-take some of them. In the coming weeks, I'll be posting more pics of the shelves and of stuff that I have missed. It won't be all pics.. I'll be blogging as I walkthrough each section of my display on my thoughts about the collectibles as well as the gaming experiences..

I would love to meet new gaming and collector friends through this, so come join me in this journey through Dr Jengo's World as I show off my collection over the years!