Monday 31 August 2015

Mobile Monday (31 Aug 2015): Mortal Kombat X Mobile

Been a while since I updated though I have been playing quite regularly..

There's a new Challenge Card up for grabs at the moment - Heavy Weapons JAX

Once again, it's way too easy and I completed in a couple of hours.

I have yet to level him up but that special skill of his looks real painful. Damage to the entire enemy team? Awesome!

The challenge came at a perfect timing as I was very close to the 850 souls for the Netherrealm pack. The extra souls from completing the challenge were a great help and I got the pack..

\My favourite faction is the Netherrealm so great to see some characters for that faction. Hoping to see more in the future like Kitana, Liu Kang and maybe even Shinnok.

Too early to say how strong these 3 are as a team but I'm looking to level them up for the Faction War battles. 

And.. Finally got this!

After many Equipment Packs, finally got this. A real advantage to have when you are starting with 1 power bar. Getting 1 of this was a pain, Fusion level X is going to take a long, long time..

Hell yeah! Got this in the daily bonus!

I think I have all the Gold Scorpion cards now.

Speaking of Daily Bonus, I forgot to login last Saturday and now I'm back at the start for the reward challenges. What a bummer!

That's all for this week.. I made it into the Top 2% last week in the Faction War Leaderboards but I'm sorta suffering from fatigue this week and I'm not doing so well. Hopefully I can squeeze in enough games to get at least 1 rare card.

Do tell me how's your progress been? Any new cards? What are you aiming for?