Tuesday 25 August 2015

PCS Collectibles' 1/4 Klassic Mileena Collection pics

The ladies are here! Both Mileena & Jade from PCS Collectibles' Klassic 1/4 line have arrived!

The wait wasn't as bad as the one for the male ninjas but nonetheless, it was a painful wait especially in the last few weeks..

I ordered both from Simply Toys this time round, thankfully they had both up for pre-order and they delivered it to my doorstep today afternoon.

Too many pics to compile them into 1 post so let's take a look at Mileena first..

Art box in vibrant colours as always..

#156 of 400!

Came in a brown shipper box..

Ok found something strange when I opened the art box..

Thought this was pretty strange and my first suspicion was that someone accidentally left it inside. I remember someone left a pen inside the shipper box in one of the previous statues. But then the Jade statue had a similar pair of gloves. Maybe to protect the statues from oily, grubby hands?

Anyway..the packing..

and good to see the base with matching numbers..

I remember Klassic Reptile getting mismatched numbers and I had to ask for a replacement. PCS are excellent in sending out replacements but no one wants the hassle..

Alright! Out she comes..

Gorgeous! Face paint app is excellent! No googly eyes, smudges or any issues that would have spoilt it. There wasn't a lot to do, so glad they got it right. Eyes are mesmerising!

Her ear-rings are attached, not sculpted so it dangles when you move it. Nice touch to add a bit of mixed media and realism.

Her 'Sais' aren't as sharp as I expected them to be. The fact that they aren't made of metal doesn't really bother me but would have liked them to be sharper.

Here you see more of the mixed media; the fabric outfit for Mileena. Very well-stitched.

Her nipples are a bit too prominent haha, could have used a bit of padding underneath but I guess it adds to the sensuality of her character.

That's a fine ass! Enough said!

Her pants are also fabric but they are glued down at the sides so no peeping!

Finally the unmasked head..

What do you think guys? 

I think it turned out great. There was a bit of dissatisfaction with the unmasked head when PCS released images but I feel the final product is amazing. Such brutality! 

I prefer this Tarkatan mouth compared to the MKX version. (Yea I know it sounds weird)

In comparison with the masked head..

Even the eyes are different and you can see more stress marks on her forehead in the unmasked head.

I liked the klassic look where she can disguise herself as a normal lady but when the mask goes off, you see all that teeth and the eyes change immediately. Gave a bit of mystery to the character and how she can pose as Kitana to the unknowing victim.

A wonderful addition to the Klassic line. We got the 4 male ninjas, Goro and now the female ninjas. Both heads look amazing but I just have to go with the unmasked Tarkatan head for variety. Oh how I wish I could have 2 Mileena statues to display them both!

Next up is Jade, will be posting pics of her as well as some comparison pics between the two. There seems to be some very subtle differences but I can't say for sure.