Monday 15 September 2014

PCS Mortal Kombat Klassic Reptile 1/4 Statue

And for the last of the Ninjas.. Reptile!

This was definitely the most anticipated of the 4 Klassic Ninjas, based on the very low ES. If I remember correctly, the ES was set at 99, but then increased to 150 considering the sheer number of orders PCS got. This was one of the earliest pre-orders that PCS had for their Mortal Kombat line, and I guess they seriously under-estimated the popularity of the license and the character (Kharacter).

Also, there is only 1 version, so no EX on this.

I missed out on this pre-order as I was still not into this line at that point of time. But I just had to get this and paid quite a bit more than the Retail Pric. Kinda sucked, but I have gotten over that, especially after seeing how awesome it turned out.

Artbox pics..

I got another low number! #31 of 150

Or did I?

There seems to be a bit of confusion on what number this is.. The shipping box shows a cancelled 130 and changed to 31 but the base and COA contradicts each other.

The standard black base..

Only 1 set of arms in this Reptile Statue..

I was very excited for this one but it has come with a few flaws which are disappointing. The COA number already has issues. That isn't a major concern as I have no plans to sell it, but consistency is a pet peeve for me.

However, there are also other flaws.. There are a couple of marks on several areas of the statue..

Very annoying! I sent PCS an email to feedback. Hopefully, they can resolve the issues satisfactorily.

Other than that, a wonderful piece..

Just 1 set of arms like I mentioned, but it comes with an Alternate Reptile Head!

Super sick!!

PCS also added the 'acid-spit' accessory as an extra, long after the pre-orders were sold out.

Fantastic stuff! They nailed it!

Very happy with this piece as well, but I just hope PCS can resolve the problems I had with my piece so that it will be a Flawless Victory!

I'll try to get some group pics of the 4 Klassic Ninjas together, including versus shots, sometime this week. All the statues are at my parents' place right now so I'll have to find some time for that.

1 last PCS surprise for you guys tomorrow!