Thursday 25 September 2014

UbiCollectibles' Altair Figurine Pics

Got this recently!

The long-awaited 'completion' of the Assassin's Creed Figurine line from UbiCollectibles. Of course, there are many who would argue that the line isn't complete without the others like Aveline, Adewale and Desmond to name a few.

Just looking at the main games however, we now have the entire line-up of Assassins.

Nice artwork on the box..

Let's take it out of the box.

This one is huge. It's pretty much in scale to the other recent UbiCollectibles figurines; the ones with bases.

That's a huge bell!

Enjoy more close-up pics of the details..

The blade is a little bent right now but trust me when I tell you that these things tend to straighten out by themselves over time..

I love UbiCollectibles' figurines. I really do.. but those face sculpts..

Another bent weapon.. The sword is surprisingly removable. Not that it has any use though. You can't equip it in either hand, so back in it goes..

Another cool figurine from PureArts under the UbiCollectibles brand. If you can look past the hidden face sculpt, this is the best Altair figures out there.

Being the first Assassin that started it all, this was a highly requested character and you have to say kudos to UbiCollectibles for listening to the fans and putting this out for the fans. Especially, those who have recently jumped aboard the franchise, after it's growing success.

Apart from the McFarlane Altair figure coming out in November, I honestly don't see the other lines coming out with a Altair figure. (Though I still have hopes for a Play Arts version).

If you are a fan of the franchise, you got to pick this one up. Even if you didn't enjoy the 1st Assassin's Creed, Altair will always be a Legend..

He puts the highly sought-after Crouching Altair figure to shame. This one is a lot more detailed.

I wasn't too convinced about the base when I first saw it. It just seemed odd to have a base that is bigger than the figure itself and the incomplete walls didn't seem to fit but I like it a lot better now than I have it in hand.

Bigger than the Connor figurines..
Hope you enjoyed the pics!