Thursday 11 September 2014

Destiny, Destiny.. all around me!

It's one of those times again.. Everyone seems to be playing Destiny and I am not..

It's weird to be in that spot, where you seem to be the odd one out.. Not involved in the hottest game of the moment.

So.. why am I not playing it?

I did try the Beta, thanks to a friend, Corey Gould, who gave me a key. I was impressed, it had some minor issues but still good. I didn't play enough though but I liked what I saw.

But all this Sci-Fi, Space stuff just doesn't interest me one bit. That's just me. Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, Mass Effect.. all extremely popular but I have not had any interest in any of those.

But never say never.. I think there's more hope of me playing something from this genre as compared to something like a JRPG, anime or manga (Which I clearly can't differentiate).

I have been watching gameplay vids on Destiny and I would like to challenge you guys to make me want to play this game. You guys up for it? Go!