Sunday 14 September 2014

STGCC 2014!

Went to the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2014 (STGCC 2014) last weekend.

Wore my Evolve T-shirt!

I purchased the 2-day ticket but ended up only attending it on Saturday,

I enjoyed it lots. There was plenty of awesome stuff on show but I felt that it wasn't as great as last year's event. Last year's show was huge. Marvel's Avengers and Iron Man 3 dominated with DC's Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises also taking centre stage. Still remember those Life-sized Iron Man Armours.

There didn't seem as much going on this year. There was Guardians of the Galaxy and many others but just not as huge and eventful as STGCC 2013.

I didn't take as many photos as I did last year. Not that there was nothing to see, but I was just so tired after a very late night the day before and was having a slight hangover. 

I thought I saw everything that was om show, so I decided to give the 2nd day a miss. Had to help my wife with the kid anyway. 

There wasn't anything to buy either. So, nothing to add to the collection.

Anyway, let's get to the pics. Here's a 1/6 scale Evil Ryu statue from Kinetiquettes, a local indie company.

They are licensed to distribute and ship globally, and you can pre-order yours here. On their site, it also says that this a first of a 2-part diorama that will be connected to a Oni Akuma statue. Pretty awesome!

One of the figures that really caught my eye was the Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Batman figure based on the Arkham City game.

I thought this was super amazing. 

I only own 1 Hot Toys figure. Not that I'm not a fan of Hot Toys, in fact I'm a huge fan of them and I think their stuff are amazing. The thing is.. I only collect Video Gaming stuff and most of Hot Toys stuff are based off Movie characters.

I don't collect any of the Batman Arkham figures or CEs but I have been starting to re-consider after seeing this figure. I really enjoyed the Batman Arkham Asylum game and felt that it was one of the best comic-based games out there, if not THE best. Yet to play the other Arkham games but reviews have been amazing for those.

So yea.. especially with the Batmobile Edition announced for the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight game, I have been seriously considering getting into this. Besides, I have always placed the DC Direct's Arkham figures as the best line of Video Game figures I don't collect or own. Might be time to change that..

Anyway, check out the rest of the Hot Toys pics I took..

While last year, it was all about Hot Toys, there was this little company at the very back of the convention that took a lot of my attention. That little company is no more.. They have grown huge this time around.. XM Studios!

They had a small booth with 4 Marvel Statues last year. This year, they have grown so huge that they were right in the middle of the convention, with over a dozen statues on display. They have grown fast and are already very well-known among the International Collector Community. Not just another company doing Marvel statues, but some collectors have already switched their allegiance from Sideshow to XM Studios

Check out XM Studiosamazing stuff here..

Here's hoping they do some Video game stuff in the near future.

That's all for this year guys. Apologies for the lack of coverage as compared to last year. Just too tired this time. Promise to do better next time..