Saturday 27 October 2012

Gunzerker meets Berserker

So when I heard that the original Borderlands characters will return as NPCs in the Borderlands 2 game, I didn't think much of it. It will be cool I thought, but too bad we won't be able to play them.

But after getting the game and playing together with friends, I got to see the original crew one by one but where was Brick? At about level 20, Mordecai made his appearance and I was getting impatient.. My original character, Mr Berserker himself was yet to make his appearance.

And then finally, he came with a bang. Look for the Slab King they said.. but never did I expect Brick to be sitting on the "throne" with that crazy-ass helmet. Jumping into the scene with a huge-ass mallet, which he never uses, his appearance led to a loud cheer from the 4 of us playing. He or rather I, was affectionately called "Fat Boy" by my 3 friends, the same group that are playing together again in BL2. Now, playing as the Gunzerker, I'm called "Short Fat Boy". Jokes aplenty about my inability to make jumps, running straight through low ceilings, unable to be revived because I'm short or lagging behind because of my short legs are rampant in game sessions with the gang.

So, what better way to "compliment" his height that to stand beside his predecessor...

Photos courtesy of my friends, who are clearly eager to poke more fun at my short friend... The mission with Brick brings back memories, seeing him pummel foes with, not bullets, not even the hammer, but with his bare hands, the way I remember my days with the Berserker...