Friday, 5 October 2012

Hostage Negotiation DLC Pack for Max Payne

Now then I'm back, I shall give you some updates..

The 3rd DLC for Max Payne 3 will be called Hostage Negotiation Pack. No release date has been announced as of yet but all the details are out.

Ok, firstly new maps for multiplayer.. 4 in fact. New maps are always welcome for me as I love the multiplayer but sadly it's not very populated.
- Club Moderno (The club early on in the game where Fabiana gets kidnapped)
- Estadio Do Galatians (The Stadium)
- O Palacio Strip Club (The ghetto club where Max meets the detective?)
- Favela Heights (Not sure exactly which part?)

- Filhos De Ogum (Cool! More multiplayer avatars)

Two Weapons
- M24 Sniper Rifle ( Don't really use snipers but I guess I should try it out especially if there is a trophy for it)
- IA2 Assault Rifle (My preferred choice of weapon but will have to test it out)

- Explosive Burst for explosive booby traps. (Hmm.. wasn't there 1 already? But this is a burst?)

- Bomb Suit: to protect against explosive damage (Might come in handy)
- Intimidation Mask: slow reload times for your enemies ( I swear this thing looks like the Bane mask from The Dark Knight rises, see pic below).

See the Bane Mask Intimidation Mask?

Bomb suit here

The new faction in the Favela Heights map

This will be $9.99 on PSN. Rockstar Pass owners will get it free of course. I'm definitely looking forward to this. Still enjoy the multiplayer on Max Payne 3. Just a little worried that the population in the DLC maps is dwindling. Maybe Rockstar should do a Triple XP weekend for only the paid DLC maps? It might urge those who purchased the maps to not stick only to the original maps and a way to say thanks to the Rockstar Pass owners?

Source: Rockstar Games Newswire


  1. Damn it... So tempting to get the Rockstar Pass ! At least Rockstar knows how 2 do their DLC ( I bought their GTA 4 DLC ). But i feel it could be a waste as not many people play the DLC maps, and with Black Ops 2 around the corner ( I'm getting BO2 ).

    On another note, the Favela Heights map look like it's based on the Favelas in Chapter 7 ' A Hangover sent direct from Mother Nature '.

    Oh and this is nitehunter_217.

  2. Hey nitehunter, yea their DLC is worth it. At least they have other items and bursts along with the DLC. There are people playing the DLC maps but just not a lot sadly.

    About the Favela Heights map, you must be right. That map will be cool with the new faction.