Sunday 24 February 2013

Django Unchained stole my name!

Watched Django Unchained yesterday and it was pretty good. Reminded me a little of Red Dead Redemption.. Not saying the movie copied the game but I just got reminded of RDR during certain scenes. Especially when the "Doctor" and Django went into the bar early on in the movie, and the bartender ran out.. I swear I could have heard him shout, "Help! I'm Herbet Moon!"

Of course, Django, should definitely have activated his "Dead-Eye" skill whenever there is a shootout. How else would he have been as good a gun-slinger like John Marston.

But wtf man.. they stole my name for Jamie Foxx's character, DJango. My PSN nick is Jengoboy and I go by the username "Dr_Jengo" on some forums. Wife was playfully teasing me about the name before the movie.

There was a scene in the movie where the name was highlighted.. "DJango.. The D is silent".
Well if you ask me, I'll tell you, "Jengo.. There is no D".

Photo Source: Joblo