Monday 11 February 2013

Updates from McFarlane's Assassin's Creed Figure Line

So the updates are here!

ToyArk has uploaded several pics from McFarlane's booth and plenty of updates from the new Assassins Creed Figure License they have newly acquired.. 

Was a little pissed that McFarlane has gotten the license for this, and it looks almost confirmed that NECA doesn't have the license anymore as no pics on AC Figures have been released as well no statement assuring fans that they still have the license, makes me pretty sure only McFarlane has the license now..

However, their figures seem to be winning me over, before I can say "Fuck you, McFarlane!" From the pic above, it seems likely that McFarlane will be doing figures of past Assassins as well as Aveline and Nikolai. My biggest issue with McFarlane taking the license for AC3 was that I thought they will be continuing where NECA left off, leaving inconsistency in the figures. If they are going to figures of all Assassins, past and present, that will ease my worry. I did in fact state that I would like to see figures of other Assassins apart from the main ones in my Top 5 Wants for 2013.

The line looks to be promising with plenty of characters planned but it seems like face sculpts will need major improvement by the time the figures release sometime in August 2013.

Source: ToyArk