Sunday 10 February 2013

Playing Borderlands Legends

Really enjoyed the Borderlands games so I wanted to try Borderlands Legends, the iPhone game.

The game's pretty good! Don't expect high-paced FPS action though. This isn't a simplified version of the usual Borderlands games that we have played. It's a top-down strategy game.

Something that looks like this.
Unlike the console games where you control 1 character, here you control all 4. The 4 characters from the first Borderlands game. As always, the vault hunters are still exploring Pandora, looting cash, gaining exp and upgrading equipment..

So how do we play?
After a training level, players are thrown onto a map..
You will get a couple of seconds to move your vault hunters into position. With each character's own strengths and weaknesses, it will be up to you to decide the "formation" you prefer. There isn't much customization and choice of weapons so each player's "formation" probably wouldn't differ much. Mordecai best works as a sniper(long range) and Brick is best put in front of the line. 

Their selection of weapons doesn't help either. Each character will only be able to use a specific set of weapons.. Brick- Shotguns, Roland- Assault Rifles, Lilith- SMGs, Mordecai- Sniper Rifles.. So let's say you decide to put Brick at the back, he will basically not shoot at anyone at all.

Early stages are more forgiving. You will still be able to complete stages just huddling all 4 chars together. Latter stages will need better strategizing..

After the few seconds of lead time, red indicators will appear, indicating the locations where the enemies will enter the map..

Adjust the formation should you require before the monsters come streaming in. 

Each character also comes with their own set of skills which you can unlock as you level up. Some are active skills which can give you a temporary boost during battle. Use them at the right time and it can help you overturn the odds. Others are passive where you can increase critical hit chance, boost health and armour etc. 

Brick's Skill Tree
All active skills will be available for use once you have unlocked. Use them to your advantage!

As you complete maps, you will earn cash to buy better equipment, weapons and shields. 

However, there are only a couple  of maps which you will keep repeating. Controls can get a bit hard when things get a bit chaotic. Sometimes characters don't move to the spot you want them to and switching between heroes can get a bit messy. These issues are mostly because of the small iPhone screen rather than the game itself, might be easier on an iPad, I dunno.. Gun upgrades are only available at the Vending Machine. There are no gun drops, only cash drops but it seems like they will be adding this feature in an upcoming patch.

Overall, it's a good game and worth the price. Am really enjoying it. One of the best part is that you can play it offline. Several of my iPhone games are turn-based so I will need to be connected to 3G or Wifi to play them. Considering the 3G network is getting increasingly suckier (ever since 4G was launched), it's great to have a game to play on the go. Hope to see more updates or maybe even a Borderlands Legends 2 in the future!

There is in fact a new patch coming out for the game, fixing some of the issues mentioned above. Do check it below.