Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bad luck strikes!

Bought this cool figure from a local seller on eBay and collected it on Thursday.

Looks pretty cool from the outside. Had been hesitating getting this but it looks a lot better in person. Very nicely detailed and it's rather big. 

It all went downhill after that.. Opened the box and to my horror, I saw the figure parts all disconnected..

The ball joints at the head and upper torso were not connected.. Thinking it's a small issue, I tried plugging them back but it didn't feel tight enough. Joints were very loose and even the legs joints were loose. Not what I was expecting after seeing several Youtube videos.

I could barely get him to stand but managed to get this picture before he toppled over..

Fantastic-looking figure but I got a defective one. Trying to get a refund back from the seller. Hope it all turns out well...

Bull Crap Shit!!


  1. When you opened up the box, was it sealed? Perhaps, do you think the seller knew that it was in this edition? Best of luck to you.

    1. Box was sealed, I'm not sure if he knew though. Hope to get a refund though

  2. That's awful man, hope you manage to get a refund/replacement.

    He looks so good as well, unbroken, obviously.

    1. The guy who sold it to me isn't replying any of my messages though. One reason why I prefer buying internatonally. PayPal would cover my ass in case of any issue. Local purchases are uusally done by bank transfer or cash on meetup..