Friday 16 August 2013

More info on GTA Online

So we have all watched the GTA Online trailer already... I posted some comments late last night before heading to bed so didn't have a chance to check out more updates from the various gaming sites. So while having breakfast this morning, I checked out what others' had to say about GTA Online...

Apparently the Online world will support up to 16 players in each "lobby". Not too many but enough for having fun. It looks like the entire open world will be available to play in this mode so that's pretty impressive without having to worry about lag issues.

GTA Online will continue evolving and expanding as Rockstar and the community will be creating new content. Without a doubt, there will be DLC with new modes and content, and with players being able to create new content, the possibilities will be endless.

In a surprise twist of events, GTA Online won't be available on launch, but instead will go live on Oct 1. Good or Bad, you decide. It's a blessing in disguise for me, at least. That will be give me roughly 2 weeks to complete the story before heading out into multiplayer. With both modes looking so impressive, I won't have to split my time between both initially.

Someone actually commented that GTA V won't bring anything new to the table... Oh please. If you don't see that Rockstar continually revolutionize their games, you better quit gaming altogether...