Tuesday 6 August 2013

I'm Playing: Grand Theft Auto IV

Actually I finished it.. In fact I got the last trophy for the plat! (The one where you gotta finish the game in under 30 hours).

After all these years, it was still awesome! Sure the graphics were not what you expect nowadays but the game's still awesome! Rockstar games' cutscenes are a gem, brings so much laughter whenever you sit through them. Trophy had me trying to finish the game as fast as I can but how could I skip all those epic moments?

Cousin Roman's panicky-ness, Brucie's Alpha-male confidence, Little Jacob's heavy Jamaican accent, I could watch this guys over and over again. I'm gonna share some of my favourite GTA IV moments with you below. Thanks to GTASeriesVideos who have uploaded each mission in full HD quality!

Video show the full mission; cutscenes + walkthrough so you can just end it after the cutscene.

Here we see Ice-Cold Niko Bellic being casual after seeing a dead guy in the freezer.. It's as if he sees dead people in his freezer every day..

Brucie at the height of his bull-shark testosterone madness, together with Roman forcing Niko to go on a date with a gay.. ROFL!

Epic Video! If you thought Little Jacob's accent & slang was incomprehensible, wait till you hear this guy! The look on Niko's face says it all!

The supporting characters are just as memorable, with their many antics. I could play this game all over again just for the cutscenes in the future. Next up is The Lost and Damned, before The Ballad of Gay Tony, all in preparation for GTA V!