Wednesday 18 June 2014

WatchDogs DedSec Edition Pics

Here's some pics of my WatchDogs DedSec Edition for the PS4!

Taking off the shrinkwrap..

Opens up nicely..

Firstly.. The Steelbook

The PS4 Game Case

Map of Chicago

Box of 4 Augumented Reality Cards

Soundtrack CD


Some of the art inside..

Pin Badges

And as always.. My Favourite.. The Aiden Pearce Statue

This is the case that it comes in..

And here's more pics of the Statue..

Another fine little collaboration by PureArts and UbiCollectibles!

Overall, a nice Collector's Edition by Ubisoft again. 

Until the end, I was torn between the US Limited Edition (pictured below) and the UK DedSec Edition..

But in the end, I think the extra content was worth the extra cost. Not really a fan of apparel so I could also afford to give the Scarf a miss.

Let's see if this Collector's Edition is the first of many for the WatchDogs franchise. I think that's a given, with Ubisoft, as long as the games keep coming.

And here's all of it together..


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