Tuesday 10 June 2014

Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Video with new characters!

Gameplay footage for Mortal Kombat X is out!

Best video I could find so far.. Edit: Found a better video!

Fighting looks damn fluid, use of environments during gameplay is there, X-Rays are there. Scorpion and SubZero have solid new moves, more brutal, more punch in every aspect.

There's 3 characters revealed in this trailer..

Some Bee/Wasp controlling lady, Big Guy with a Minion and another one at 2.13. He appears several times during the Fatality scenes. 

SubZero's alternate costume at 2.10? At the beginning of the trailer, SubZero mentions.. "I tire of maintaining OUR innocence.. Interesting choice to use the word "Our".

I'm not that convinced about the Lady and the Big Guy yet. They don't seem to fit into the Mortal Kombat Universe but maybe it will take time for them to grow on me.

Fatalities look absolutely sick. Hope to see more Fatalities and gameplay footage during the demos in the next few days!