Tuesday 24 June 2014

Gaming Heads' 1/4 Scale God of War Kratos Statue

Gaming Heads finally announced a 1/4 Scale Statue I'm interested in!

Kratos from God of War

Everyone seems to love it and it isn't too bad. But the pose seems an odd choice. There is already a statue from some unlicensed company in China that did a very similar pose to this and it's quite prominent on eBay. So I'm quite baffled on why Gaming Heads chose to do a similar pose again.

That really took out the "wow" factor for me when I first saw this..

However, taking a look at all the detailed pics, this is a very nicely sculpted Statue.

But I'm still 50-50 about this.. A nice God of War 4 announcement at E3 would have got me really excited for this, but the series has gone stale after GoW 3 for me.

The Kratos Bust, however is still more enticing.. Some decisions to make on how deep I want to go into this God of War collection... Hmm..

Source: Gaming Heads

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God of War Kratos 1:4 Scale Statue God of War Kratos Life-Size Bust