Tuesday 22 July 2014

Infamous Second Son Delsin Rowe Statue pics

Got this Delsin Rowe Statue just a while back. Let's see the pics..

Very nicely packed..

Got #285 of 300.

All assembled..

The base is quite busy but very much like what you see in the game, with all the rubble and debris lying around.

All these little accessories that will need to be fixed..

The details on Delsin Rowe's clothes are clearly evident..

The metal chain that Delsin Rowe is holding is also a real chain.

Closer look at the face sculpt..

The Statue also comes with a nice Plaque..

Very very nice statue.. I find the Character Sculpt and details on Delsin Rowe very game-accurate. The jacket, beanie, smirk on that face are all present on the statue, which is important and makes who Delsin Rowe is.

The base adds a lot of character to the Statue itself. Looks very much like the environment in the game.

I'm not too sure about the choice of pose though. I would have liked something more dynamic. This works though but with the plaque facing one way and his head the other, it's a bit tricky choosing the angle to display it.

Nevertheless, an awesome statue. Love the size of it, even though it's obviously not in scale with the other previous Cole statues.

One more look at it, which is probably the angle that I'm going to display it..