Tuesday, 15 July 2014

PS4 The Last of Us Remastered Preorder Bonuses

So the Last of Us is going to be remastered and will be coming to the PS4!

The PS4 Edition comes with updated graphics, extra DLC, a new difficulty mode and Special Commentary for all in-game cinematics from the Creative Director and Actors. That's pretty cool!

There's also going to be Preorder bonuses, just so you have more reasons to preorder this.

Here in Singapore, we can get a T-Shirt as a Preorder bonus.

and.. there's also other preorder bonuses according to the folks at CE.org..

A Baseball Cap..
Gun Keychain

PS4 Skin

Pretty cool stuff.. 

According to Playstation Asia, each country/region has a different item offered. However, no one I know seems to know where the keychain and baseball cap is being offered. So, if you are reading this.. do PM or email me if you have any info. Or you can post in the comments below. It will be a great if you have a screenshot or link as well. Thanks!


  1. FuZioN Here, I would also like to have the T-shirt. However not keen for the PS4 game as I have already completed PS3 version....

  2. Hey Fuzion bro! Yup same here, T Shirt is pretty cool!

  3. We got the skin over here... Not really special like usual. If you want I can try to get it for you? I sometimes can get pre-order stuff without pre-ordering from a local shop here :)
    Let me know okay ;)

  4. That will be awesome, I'll PM you

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