Monday 28 July 2014

Play Arts Assassin's Creed Connor Figure

Got these just yesterday!

Assassin's Creed Connor and Edward Kenway figures from Play Arts Kai!

I say: 2 more for the Collection
My wife says: Too many for the Collection

Anyway, let's take a look at the Play Arts Connor figure first..

Very nice cover art on the box. Always makes me take a few minutes to appreciate the art and hesitate to open the box..

Some pics for you to appreciate as well..

Nice window box..

Nice touch with the Animus Interface..

Closer look at the accessories included..

That's a lot to be honest. Almost all of the important weapons in Connor's arsenal are included. (They missed out 1 of my favs.. the rope dart though..)

Out from the box..

Closer look at the paint app and details..

And now for the accessories.. I was under the impression that the figure would come with an alternate head but it's actually just the hood being removable and inserting the back of the head for the 'alternate head' look. 

It still looks like a "Asian" rendition of Connor but it's not as bad as what it looked like the last time I saw it..

Different collar options..

The left one is for the hooded option and the right is for the pulled-back hood option. But of course, you can still use vice-versa as seen in the pics above..

Here's where you attach the collar accessories..

Oh and what do you know.. even his ponytail has articulation!

Here's some pics of Connor's hair pulled-back Collar..

The lack of an alternate head works but the visible seam might bother some collectors.

The figure comes with 3 pairs of switch-out hands. These are the default ones that are already on the figure.

This hand option goes well with the wristblade accessories. 3 different blades, 2 for the left hand and 1 for the right..

Dual-wield Guns

You can the index finger slotting perfectly into the space in the trigger guard, in this pair of hands.. Perfect!

The Bow and Arrow..
Comes with 3 arrows which you can place into the quiver.

The sword..

Looks very much like the Sawtooth Sword from the game..

And lastly.. The Tomahawk

And all 4 views of the figure after slotting in all his weapons.

It also comes with a display stand which is in clear plastic but could come in very handy for all those dynamic poses. With a bit of photoshop and lighting, I can't wait to see all the wonderful photos that toy photographers are going to come out with.

Absolutely in love with his figure. The costume details are phenomenal and it really helps that the Assassin figures are hooded so no worries about the face. At 9 inches tall, the details are very visible and stand out.

There's plenty of accessories to give a good variety of display options. The joints click into place so once you set it into place, it's very stable. The alternate hands are very easy to remove and put in because it isn't a ball joint.

I love this, very easy to remove and change hands. Some of the other figures tend to have ball joints which can be very hard to remove. This is just perfect without being loose.

Minor disappointment is still the head sculpt, though I prefer the hooded display option. Another downer is that the string on the bow is made of a hard material so I can't pull it over his head for the figure to carry it, unlike the McFarlane one.

Other than these, I can't find anything to fault this. The figure is made with the considerations of collectors wanting to swap accessories and do plenty of posing. 

I have many figures which come with optional accessories but swapping them out can be a huge pain; some accessories just don't fit as well as they are supposed to, joints becoming loose, swapping accessories are a pain.  

However, you don't see any of the issues with this figure. Price is a little steep for the figure but quality-wise, no complaints at all. Very high-quality figure!

Still.. I'm someone who prefers not to "play" around with his figures too much. But if I ever want to, I'm pretty confident and not too fearful about it.

Have to say I'm very, very impressed with this Connor figure. Next up, the Play Arts Edward Kenway figure, I'll try to get pics up by tonight or tomorrow.

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