Tuesday 31 May 2016

The Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

It's been a while.. yes.. But the trailer came out at the time I was heading to the hospital for my wife's pregnancy checkup and she gave birth to our 2nd one shortly after.. So... just didn't have the time to post it up.

But oh boy.. I watched the trailer so many times on my mobile that I just might have burned my data plan.. 

So, here it is once again, even though you must have watched it already.

I think it's amazing!

Except for the background music though.. I cringed when I first heard it.. Not what I expected but I think I have gotten used to it... Not accepted it, just got used to it.

The fight sequences look great, the Spanish Inquisition setting just looks beautiful and that Leap of Faith at the end. 
Oh and I'm curious to see what the Assassins will land in, from that height. In a movie, it's going to look hilarious if they land in a haystack.

Great easter egg at 00:39 of several Hidden Blades in a display.. Hmm.. but why does Abstergo have all these Hidden Blades in their collection? 

The Animus.. I'm still split about the Movie Animus. It does make sense, where the user of the Animus moves together with his historical counterpart and this is how Callum learns the moves of his ancestor, Aguilar. 

Still, it's a lot different from the games where the user lies down and goes into a 'sleep' mode while re-living his ancestor's memories.

Having watched the trailer and read all the news, it's hard not to be excited for the movie.

First trailer definitely looks great. Some movies have disappointed this year, but there's also some unexpected hits. I have full confidence that this movie will not be a flop and the hype for Dec 21 2016 is building..