Monday 9 May 2016

Mobile Monday: Uncharted Fortune Hunter

Been a while since I did the Mobile Monday section, but I'm back with a new mobile game - Uncharted Fortune Hunter!

Uncharted Fortune Hunter is a free-to-play Puzzle game, which sees Nathan Drake & Sully, solve puzzles to loot treasure, all while continuing their hilarious exchanges albeit in text form. If you know the characters, you can surely enjoy the conversations, reading it in their voices!

Go on, read it in their voices! You know you want to...

The Mobile game will allow you to unlock various rewards, some of which for the Uncharted 4 Console game.

These rewards can be unlocked via coins, keys or completing certain objectives.

Coins can be earned by solving puzzles or unlocking treasure chests via keys.

Unfortunately, once you open a chest, there's a wait time before you can open another.

and these wait times get longer as you unlock more!

Thankfully, you can get Sully to inform you whenever the game's ready to let you unlock the next chest!

The rewards for the Uncharted 4 game will require you to sign in to your existing PSN account (so much easier than other games that require you to register to a separate service!) and it will transfer automatically.

Does it work? I'll have to get the game first to try it out, hehe!

Of course, there's going to be micro-transactions!

As of now, it looks like they are 'time-saver packs' rather than exclusive items and I'm confident they will keep it that way, since they already revealed that all UC4 Multiplayer content will be free!

I'm enjoying the game so far.. The puzzles aren't that tough but I have only started.. Still plenty of puzzle challenges to complete..

and that's just the first section!

Uncharted Fortune Hunter is definitely not the same action as what we are used to in Uncharted 4 but if you enjoy puzzle solving, this is worth checking out.

Being able to unlock additional content for the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer is definitely a bonus, especially if the mobile content is exclusive and you stand out from the rest. Do try it out, and let me know what you think!