Sunday 25 November 2018

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals from Amazon US

How's the Black Friday Deals going for you guys? Caught any good deals and what have you got?

Not so much for me this year as I'm saving for my new home so I'm just going to watch you guys enjoy the deals. There's plenty of deals from Amazon US that have caught my eye so I'm going to share them with you guys below..

Here's some of my favourites..

SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSDXC Card with Adapter - USD$39.99

More storage space for our mobile devices is always a good thing, especially at this price!

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - USD$27.00

Cheap for something that just came out a month ago! Actually very,very tempted to grab this but I'm saving my last few bucks in case something else comes up but this is a really good deal. Definitely grab this if you haven't already.

PlayStation Plus: 12-month Membership - USD$40.00

My yearly favourite! Why pay USD$60 when you can get it at USD$40? My source for PS Plus Membership for as long as I can remember.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Croft Steelbook Edition) - USD$49.99

Almost half-price of its original price. Another good deal!

Hitman 2 - USD$29.99 (Standard) / USD$59.99 (Gold Edition)

Awesome deal for yet another new release. I love how this is so ideal for me now as I don't have to commit a lot of time on this.

Adding more as I find more deals..

As always, I'll be ever grateful if you use the above affiliate links when making a purchase which will earn the blog a small commission..