Friday 9 November 2018

PS4 Spider-Man Spider-Geddon variant covers Collection Pics

Showed you guys the Marvel's Spider-Man game variant covers in my previous post and here is more!

In Marvel Comics, there's a new event happening right now, dubbed Spider-Geddon where Spider-Men from the various universes come together.

As previously confirmed, the PS4 Spider-Man is one of the many Spideys that will appear in this event..

Part of a new Universe, dubbed Gamerverse. PS4 Spidey made his first appearance in Spider-Geddon #0.

Not a cameo, mind-you.. the entire comic had our new Spider-Man (from Earth-1048) at the very centre of the action where Superior Spider-Man (Of Earth-616) recruits him from a pan-dimensional crisis. If you are not a comic reader, I'm just as lost as you about these different Earths. 

That aside, this should be another huge Spider-verse event in Marvel Comics and it will be cool to see different versions of Spider-Man. Written by Christos Gage and with amazing art by Clayton Crain,

Oh and yes, Marvel released several variants with PS4 Spidey on it's covers. Not wanting to get too much into the variant-collecting game, I just picked up this 3.

Spider-Geddon #0 Regular Cover by Clayton Crain

Spider-Geddon #0 1:25 Variant Cover by John Tyler

Spider-Geddon #1 Variant Cover by David Nakayama

Cool Stuff and is anyone else reading the Spider-Geddon event?

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