Sunday 4 November 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man Variant Covers Collection Pics

Finally... got them all!

To celebrate the release of the Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game, several comics from Marvel released a 'video-game variant cover' dedicated to the game. 

5 different variant covers to be exact. All of them were 1:10 incentive variant covers so they didn't come cheap..

The cover art were based on the designs and characters from the PS4 Spider-Man game. On top of that, all of these covers paid homage to classic comic covers.

Here they are..

Avengers #7 (By Eve Ventrue)

Homage to Dark Reign: Mister Negative #1

The Amazing Spider-Man #5 (By Daryl Mandryk)

Homage to The Amazing Spider-Man #46

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1(By Dennis Chan)

Homage to The Amazing Spider-Man #546

West Coast Avengers #2 (By Tim Tsang)

Homage to The Amazing Spider-Man #151

Spider-Geddon #0 (By Sing Ji)

Homage to The Amazing Spider-Man #671

Love them! I think these are some nice artwork and they will be nice to go with the rest of the collection.