Wednesday 13 May 2015

AC Syndicate Details and my overall thoughts..

Alright.. just saw the AC Syndicate Livestream..

Here's some details from the stream if you missed it.. 

New Assassin's name is Jacob Frye. 

He has a twin sister, Evie Frye (Ebi Fry?)

Heard some reports that both silbings will be playable but didn't see that in the trailer..

Jacob's weapons include..

Also showed some throwing knifes for stealth kills.. The Assassin Gauntlet had a rope gun attached to it. Most probably will be used for traversal..

Setting will be in 1868, Victorian London..

Saw a bit of combat, very street-brawl type. Combat looks a bit too fluid, will have to try it out to see how it really is.

You can ride on Horse Carriages..

and also hide in them.. Saw a bit of horse carriage fights, similar to the ones back in AC2. Cool stuff!

You will also be able to use the environment to take out enemies. Could be just a few options, in specific places, like the lift that in the previous games.

They also showed a Indian Assassin talking to Jacob and Evie.. Could it be Arbaaz Mir from AC Brahman? According to AC Wikia, AC Brahman occured in 1839 and AC Syndicate is in 1868.. Looks close enough..

There's also several scenes where they used art-style screens..

Hopefully, they don't use too much of this style for the cut-scenes. Stick with the ever-awesome CGI cut-scenes please..

That's about all from the trailer.. I'm sure the Internet will be booming with other news soon enough.

The setting looks beautiful.. But again more buildings and stuff. How different can you get? Hopefully the Victorian London setting will help to make it unique.. 

A lot is promised for this game, but once again, I was let down by AC Unity, so I will have to see a lot more to believe it. Looks like they have brought some nice elements back from previous games like the Horse Carriage fights and the throwing knifes. Combat looks brutal and the knuckle duster will be cool to use if they can get it right.

The game doesn't stand out for me however, looks like just another AC game. Not really much they can do about the setting and game-play but what is most important is the plot and character development. Some of the previous games had a lot of focus on the plot and character which make them memorable to this day. If Ubisoft can do a good story and build on the siblings' relationship, we will have a fantastic game in our hands, come October 23..

A huge thanks to Luke Melia for letting me use his pics that he screen-grabbed from the trailer. Without these pics, you guys would just have to imagine what we saw in the trailer..