Thursday 7 May 2015

Project TriForce to make inFamous Second Son Collectibles??

Alright, Project TriForce just teased this on their Facebook Page.

inFamous Second Son collectibles from Project Triforce? Cool, bring them on!

I have their Evolve Savage Goliath statue on pre-order

And my friend just received his Darksiders 2 Death and Dust Statue. (I should be putting up pics of those up pretty soon)

TriForce's statues are usually huge, bigger than the regular 1/4 scale statue. So, I don't really know what to expect from their inFamous SS line.. Larger statues usually work for monsters & creatures. But a 28 inch Delsin Rowe statue? 

Personally, hoping for a smaller scale if they are doing Delsin Rowe. Not sure who else they can do, Fetch maybe? Apart from Delsin, I'm not confident any other character would sell well.. Especially if it's in a larger scale.

But honestly, this piece of news came as a surprise.. Why this franchise all of a sudden? I love the inFamous franchise but realistically speaking.. This is coming more than a year after Second Son released. Whatever statue they make isn't going to turn up anytime soon either..

Unless.. the PS4 Exclusive game that Sucker Punch are working on is indeed a inFamous game.. 

I have been eager for more inFamous collectibles and for the franchise to be marketed better. With the success of inFamous Second Son, this might be it. 

I'm leaking out some info here.. Project TriForce might not be the only one working on inFamous collectibles. I'm aware of other statues being planned, just not sure if that's linked with what Project TriForce plans to do. I have tried contacting some people in 'higher places'.. Let's see if they can give me some info. Watch this space for updates..