Tuesday 12 May 2015

Mobile Monday (May 11 2015): Mortal Kombat X Mobile

Awesome updates this week.

My first Faction Wars rewards received today!

For the faction standings, I got these..

It wasn't clear what position the Brotherhood of Shadow took in the end, but when I checked last night, we were 3rd.

Alright.. nothing much you can do if your Faction doesn't do very well..

But.. there's also the Leaderboard rankings.. The more War Points you contribute to your Faction, the better individual rewards you earn. Again, I wasn't sure of my final placing but I was in the Top 4% last I checked.

Here's my rewards!

A generous amount of Equipment Kards, Koins & Souls.. These will strengthen the team significantly.

One of the 'mistakes' I did qith Injustice Mobile was to keep buying packs. It was fun but I had so many Gold cards, none of it reaching the highest Fusion Level until much, much later. So this time, I'm focusing more on strengthening my Top 3 rather than waiting on luck.

Fusion level up my Kotal Kahn which is max level or strengthen my Scorpion?

Chose to even up the team by Fusing Scorpion.

Swapped a few of the Equipment Kards around, and my Top 3 is now fully equipped..

Looks a lot more stronger now, will be crucial for more Faction Wars battles. The rewards are really good so gonna use this team to focus on the Faction Wars battle mostly.

Gave some of the spare Equipment kards to my 2nd team, and strengthening them up with Koins so hoping they will be strong enough to finish the Tower challenges.

The thing about Silver cards is that I can bring up their Fusion Level with just Koins so I keep the Souls for the Gold cards.

Not sure if Silver Max Level cards will be enough to complete the basic tower challenges but still good to have strong cards in every category like I mentioned in my tips..

Only a matter of time before the Raiden Challenge is ready..

Are you ready?