Wednesday 27 May 2015

Mobile Monday (25 May 2015): Evolve Hunters' Quest

Quick updates from the Evolve Hunters' Quest game..

So far so good.. The Challenge Events have cut the top tier of winners from Top 1500 to Top 500 where the Artic Skins are unlocked for the Mobile game as well. And so far, I have gotten into the Top 500 unlocking everything..

From 2 weeks ago..

And for the past week...

So here's how they look in-game..

Not the most obvious of differences but I never noticed this bonus about it..

Here are all 5 of the Artic Skins available so far..

Do check out the description below.. "This skin will have you start with enough energy to use...".
Basically I can start with 1 energy bar with these skins. A very nice bonus to be honest.

Also got all these weapon skins unlocked for the console game, so hoping to continue the streak. Hopefully they don't reduce the Top Tier of winners anymore!

My Database of Evolve Skins