Tuesday 12 May 2015

Mortal Kombat X Collector's Edition Pics

If I bought the Coarse Edition, how could I have not gotten this?

Here's pics of my MKX Collector's Editon..

and under the Slip Cover..

a battle-damaged art of Scorpion.. Screw what Kenshi tells you about Hanzo Hasashi.. he's always an undead warrior from Hell.

The Steelbook..

DLC vouchers..

Inside the Steelbook..

Metal card for the Certificate of Authenticity...

The comic..

Very disappointed with the comic.. I was hoping they would put in the Volume 1 with Issues #1-4 in the Collector's Edition. Someone told me it wasn't the case.. So I thought maybe just Issue #1..

Turns out it was only Chapter #1 (Each issue is split into 3 chapters). Just 1 chapter included in the CE?! Really weak..

Guess they were trying to get more people hooked on the comic series by leaving a cliff-hanger..

Either way, I hope it worked because the comics are fantastic! Every Mortal Kombat fan should get on it and hopefully a second season will be announced soon enough.

And of course the Mini-Statue!

Statue isn't too bad. Was a bit concerned about the pose but after getting him in-hand, I think it looks great. Have him displayed on my desk at the moment and he looks all ready to fight. Running off to fight Sub-Zero actually but problem is where the hell is Sub-Zero?! A corresponding Sub-Zero statue would have been perfect for this pose, continuing their eternal battle.. Or then maybe not.. if you have played the game..

Oh and lookie here!!

Once again, Pure Arts makes it's mark on a CE statue.. 

Come on, make a MK Collectibles line of mini-statues similar to UbiCollectibles! Would be perfect to get a full roster of MKX characters which we might not get in the Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' 1/4 line.

A nice Collector's Edition but again, like the Coarse Edition, lacking a lot of physical goodies. Nice statue but should have waited for a bit of a price drop..