Thursday 28 May 2015

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' MK9 Baraka 1/4 Statue Pics

Pics of my latest acquisition.. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' MK9 Baraka 1/4 Scale Statue!

Having pre-ordered this at Simply Toys, it should have arrived weeks ago, but apparently someone forgot to send me a notice that it has arrived in their warehouse, and was ready for collection. So, I sat there for weeks awaiting the notification that never came. Decided to drop them a message to check on the status and they claimed stocks were received 3 weeks back. Obviously.. was very disappointed..

But they were nice enough to give me Free delivery to my place because of that. FAITH RESTORED!

So here it is! 

Interesting description at the back..

No malice toward the heroes of EarthRealm? That's a first.. Everytime I see him, he's ready to tear someone up with his blades.. Though largely unsuccessful.

#105 of 350

The Base

And Baraka himself!

One of the meanest-looking characters in Mortal Kombat. I have always liked his design. Also a very fun character to play as, especially his blade moves. A real pity to see his fate in MKX and missing out on the roster. Hoping to see him made playable in future DLCs.

More pics on his outfit and details..

Awesome details with the spotted skin, stained blades..

Some close-ups on that 'only-a-mother-could-love' face...

Another fantastic piece from PCS Toys.

I only got the standard version this time. The EX version didn't seem worth the extra amount I had to pay, just for open fists. I'm more than happy with this. 

The pose is great as well! Ready to plunge his blades deep into his victim. Base looks ideal for the character and is pretty simple.

I think the only thing I didn't get was his alternate outfit.

Thought his alternate was sick! Absolutely loved it! Makes him look more like the Tarkatan General that he is. Too bad they went for the standard outfit, which ultimately made more sense I guess.

Just 1 more MK9 Statue for this line.. The Sub-Zero one and that closes the MK9 line from PCS Toys. A real pity considering we won't get Cyrax & Sektor, Kabal, Jade & others..

But it was great to see this iconic character made. Especially with the fate he suffered in MKX, I'm not sure if we will ever see him again.