Tuesday 5 May 2015

Mobile Monday (May 4 2015): Mortal Kombat X Mobile

With the increasing amount of time I'm spending on Mobile games, I thought of doing a new feature on the blog; Mobile Monday.. Just a bit of progress updates and what's new on the mobile games..

On the debut post, I'll start with Mortal Kombat X Mobile.

Here's my Top 3 characters..

Saving up all those upgrade cards came in handy.. level-ed up my Kotal Kahn for the new Faction Wars feature in the mobile game.

Been spending all my Koins upgrading their Special abilities to max, as well as the Support Kards. Gonna focus on getting these cards stronger, rather than buying more & more packs.

Couldn't resist buying 1 more Kombat Pack though..

Outworld Gear equipment card made it worth the gamble though.. but I was hoping for a duplicate character card from the 3 I had.

Faction Wars has been making the game a lot more challenging. In Faction Wars, you are battling against other players' cards instead of against progressively tougher AIs.

You get to choose your difficulty setting. More risk = Better Rewards. It's a bit of gamble with the different opponents. 

There are Leaderboards with rewards at the end of the week. Not doing so well here as you can see. Looks like I need to play a lot more!

Anyone else playing the game? Show me your Kollection! What Kharacter Kards do you own?