Monday 20 July 2015

AC Syndicate Coin & Shilling Necklace Collection pics

And it begins!

Another year, another Assassin's Creed game, another line of collectibles.. and the collection keeps growing!

PreOrder bonuses have already been given out in certain countries and I manage to snag two, thanks to some awesome friends!

The first.. EB Games in Canada's Coin preorder bonus

Limited to 10,000, it comes in a nice box..

Safely tucked away is the Coin..

Front & Back..

Simple but very cool!

Secondly.. GameStop US's Shilling Necklace preorder bonus

Got a pair of extras for friends..

This one's mine..

Close-up on the Shilling..

Cool stuff.. The coins are looking great..

Hopefully the coins will bring some luck with the collection. A nice start to the AC Syndicate Collection. Things are going to come in thick and fast over the next few months. Also have some stuff from the previous games coming in soon. Thanks to those who helped me with these and do follow my blog for more Assassin's Creed collectible news!