Monday 27 July 2015

Contest prize from Xmashed Gear!

Last year was a wonderful year in terms of Contests for me. Won plenty of wonderful gaming stuff from different competitions.. and one of those was this mash-up T-Shirt from Xmashed Gear!

Wait.. Didn't I say I won this last year but.. why am I posting this only now? 

Well.. there's a little story behind that..

Way back in October last year, Xmashed Gear held a Facebook contest with the "Hidden Claw" tee up for grabs. I submitted my entry and wished myself luck.. I remember checking back a couple of times if the contest winner was announced but didn't see anything. 

So, as time passed, and I believe I forgot about it..

And then sometime this year, a couple of friends and I were talking about their T-Shirts when a friend checked out their Facebook Page and pointed this out to me..

What.. the.. Shit! I actually won! (My old Facebook profile name was Juan Veron). And I had totally missed this! 

And this was many, months later.. Of course, I wasn't sure if Xmashed Gear was actually going to still give me the prize but... you never know, if you don't try.. right?

I dropped them a PM and hoped for the best.. Thankfully, they replied with a YES! They were going to send me my Tee, even though I took months to get back to them, haha!

And finally, a couple of weeks later! It's here! 

An amazing and original creation by their designers! And just in case, if you are wondering.. this "Hidden Claw" refers to the cross mash-up between an Assassin & Wolverine(Hidden Blade + Wolverine's Claw = Hidden Claw).

Loving the badass design too!

It's strange how I really wanted to buy this TShirt at last year's GameStart Asia - Singapore's own gaming convention but it was sold out. Guess fate decided to favour me this time..

Fits well too!

This is my second Tee bought from Xmashed Gear, having bought the GameStart TShirt last year but it was unfortunately a size too small.. and it ended up just being on display..

Well.. amazing stuff and a cool story to tell whenever I wear this Tee out in the future, and a big thanks to the Xmashed Gear team for letting me have this amazing piece!