Thursday 2 July 2015

NECA's Devil May Cry Dante Figure

Been playing the newly-released Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition on the PS4, and I just had to go hunting for this figure. Found one at decent price and here it is!

Comes in a nice box unlike the usual blister packs that action figures are usually packed in.

Opens up to reveal a window box..

.. that I can display in this way... 

.. But I won't..

A lot of the newer figures from NECA comes with a 'backdrop'.

It looks great and it's a great tool for toy photographers but I wish it was bigger though. It's too small that it's impossible to take shots from most angles. Still nice to have I guess..

Taking a look at Dante..

Face sculpt and paint app not all that great however..

Weapons accessories include the Alastor sword

The Coyote-A shotgun I believe?

and of course the Ebony & Ivory pistols

Comes with attach-able accessories to give a 'flash' effect.

A decent figure for the price. Love the cape flying effect. Thought it was going to be headache getting him to stand but he seems to be doing fine.

Looking at the box cover, I believe this is based on the 1st Devil May Cry game. Got to say.. Great memories from that game!

Will be nice to see NECA do Vergil & Nero as well.. 

Finally, special thanks to Jing Han for selling me this figure, if you are reading this!