Wednesday 1 July 2015

GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains Pack Part 2 and July 4th Weekend Celebrations!

After Part 1, that released last month, comes Part 2!

Part 1 came with lots of goodies but Rockstar promised there will be more in Part 2! So here they are!

#1 and #4 will be instant buys if I can afford those.. Been saving up in anticipation of Part 2 so I might have enough for both.

But wait.. there's more!

It's the July 4th celebrations this coming weekend and Rockstar has the party ready!

Double Cash and XP this weekend! Great way to get more cash before next week's new content!

For those who missed out on last year's exclusive content, here's your chance to purchase the Liberator monster truck.

& the Sovereign motorcycle..

as well as the Firework Rocket Launcher and other clothing accessories

Once again.. Singapore gamers, come join my crew, Temasek Thugs.  

Source: Rockstar Games