Wednesday 1 July 2015

More Evolve Statues from Project Triforce

Project Triforce have announced 3 new statues to the Evolve line in recent weeks.

Announced are 2 Hunters; Bucket & Abe and a Monster; The Kraken will be up for Pre-Order soon.

Heres' some pics..



They look really detailed and very accurate to the in-game models. Most of their weapons are included as well. Really, like the bases with their relative Class emblems.

These look really cool but it's a bit too much for me to invest in the entire line, especially if they are planning to make all the Hunters. Though, that will be really nice to see. 

I might consider getting my favourites from each class though.. Markov, Hank, Lazarus & Griffin..

Standing at 16" tall, there's no pre-order date or price announced yet but Bucket & Abe will be limited to 500 each.

And the Monster, Kraken!

I believe this is a digital render only so the details aren't very prominent yet. Can't wait to see the actual sample. I was blown away by the Goliath statue they showed last year so I'm confident the Kraken will look just as good.

There's also a variant Carnivore Kraken statue with a slightly different colour scheme.

There was no contest between the Savage Goliath and standard Goliath version and I went straight for the Savage version.

Here, I'm not so sure.. I actually prefer the standard version's faint blue tint. The Carnivore skin is actually only available through paid DLC and I don't have that.. so I have no inclination towards that at the moment. Might get it now and see which version I prefer.

Not sure if it's a typo but the Carnivore Kraken doesn't come with a lower Edition Size, so it doesn't have that much of a 'Exclusive' appeal.

The Kraken statues stand at a stunning 39 inches compared to Goliath which is at 29 inches.

No pre-order date or price announced for this as well.. Goliath was a pricey $800 or so.. expecting Kraken to be around that or even more because of it's size.

Not sure what Project Triforce's plans are for the rest of the Monster statues, but the prospect of having all the Monsters is drool-worthy. Not forgetting the recent issue with the Batman Arkham Knight's Batmobile statues, I'm trying to keep my excitement in check for now..