Tuesday 28 July 2015

DC Direct's Twisted Metal Sweeth Tooth Figure Collection pics

Had a reason to want to put up pics of this figure, which I will explain later..

Anyway, this is one of the figures that I had left unopened before moving out of my parents' place earlier last year. Wanted to get some pics to post up on the blog and here it is..

The Sweet Tooth figure!

This one came out slightly after the Twisted Metal release on PS3, and was made by DC Direct. Standing about 8 inches tall, this is a rather bulky figure.

DC Direct has some really nice video-game figures a few years back, including the World of Warcraft ones. Would have loved them to have picked up the Mortal Kombat license. Too bad, they don't seem to be doing more gaming stuff..

Anyway.. more pics!

Good amount of detail..

Love this character! I even have a tattoo of the Twisted Metal 2 cover art on my arm..

Do you want ice-cream?

No? Doesn't matter.. You are still screwed!

This guy driving around in his ice-cream van in a clown suit seems pretty harmless enough but just so you know.. he's a psychotic serial killer..

Twisted Metal Black on the PS2 had some really dark themes. The intro vids for each character had a cool backstory on each of the character's past. Was so hyped for the PS3 game, but it just didn't live up to my expectations. 

They only had storylines for 2 or 3 characters and the rest was all multiplayer. Not really a bad thing but.. the multiplayer community died rather quick and it got a bit boring after a while.

Sales were more than decent I believe, but interest in the game waned off fast.. Quite a huge disappointment as TM fans had been waiting for quite some time for the game..

So back to the first line of this post.. Why the sudden interest in Twisted Metal? I would love to bring the good news by saying there's a new Twisted Metal game in development but unfortunately, that's not the case.. In fact, I'm doubtful if there will ever be another Twisted Metal game..

However, for those who loved the game back in the day, there's some good news..

For those familiar with the Playstation Gear Store, you might be pleased to know that the guys working on those collectibles are currently working on something Twisted Metal-related. My money's on a sweet-ass Sweet Tooth statue!

So Twisted Metal fans? Are you excited for this or are you done with this franchise? Tell me in the comments below!