Friday 10 July 2015

GTA Online: Ill Gotten Gains Hoots

So, have you been catching up with the Ill Gotten Gains Content on GTA Online?

New Vehicles, Outfits, Weapons & more have been added to GTA Online in the past month. There's plenty to spend your hard-earned heist money on..

I got one of the outfits from the first update,

the Enus Windsor,

and the Coil Brawler from the 2nd update

and also one of the Limited Edition tops from the Special Crate Drops..

Also, for the past 1 month I have been actively playing GTA Online for a sole purpose..

And finally I got it completed just a few mins ago!

And for the troubles.. I get a whopping $500k and 50k RP!

Great stuff! Makes it so worth it and I feel like doing it all over again!

And of course a very special T-Shirt to round it up..

Thankfully, I didn't get hit with any bugs that hindered the progress. It was a test of endurance, with a couple of really tired days and having to wait patiently for players to join lobbies.. It finally paid off!

Definitely got to say a huge thanks to all my crew members who have helped me with many of the objectives. Temasek Thugs, you guys rock!!