Wednesday 17 April 2013

Review of the Death and Despair Statue by a Special Guest.

Something different today..

A good friend of mine is going to share some pics and his review of the Death and Despair Statue from SOTA Toys.

Alexander Hauge is a guy I met on Facebook while commenting on SOTA Toys' Facebook Page. Both of us are big fans of the Darksiders games as well as the Darksiders Statues from SOTA Toys. We have been chatting for quite a while and we seem to have more in common than just Darksiders. Very glad to have a met a new friend through collecting..

While I only have the War and Ruin Statue at the moment, Alexander has all 3 including the Samael and Death & Despair statues. Since I wasn't getting the Death statue for now, Alexander so kindly volunteered to share his pics for the blog. He also did up a short review on it.

So put your hands together for Alexander! All the way from Norway!
Death and Despair is the 3rd statue of the Darksiders series made by Sota Toys. The statue comes in a very nice box with artwork by Joe Maduera showing Death and Despair. Just by the looks of the box you can get a good taste of the quality the statue has.

It comes in 3 parts. The Base, Despair and Death himself. The parts are very good packed. Death himself is wrapped up tightly and is very secure.

Putting the statue together is very easy. Despair goes into the base, and Death goes onto Despair. It can be a little hard to place Death firmly and hit the hole.

By comparing this to the War and Ruin statue you can right away tell that this statue has a better quality feel to it. The base is very well painted and looks very good. I only found one paint error on the side, but its so small you have to look for it. The base almost look like real stone so the paint job couldnt be better in my opinion.

Despair is highly detailed. Taking on all the details from the game it couldn't be better. The paint job here is also very good. I have read that some owners of the statue says the paint job is thin on Despair, and looking on pictures from other Despair there's clearly some differences. What this means is that when lit up you can see through despair and that is really not that cool. For my own statue this isn't a issue. Despair looks twice as good with the LED on. You can see so much details. The ribs, the eyes and the green effects is damn awesome. I was worried for some time that Despair's head didn't light up properly, because on the pictures of him on Sota toys website it's more lights on him. It also says clearly on sota website that product may vary. I actually found Despair as he is much better when he is darker like mine statue. It makes the smaller details so much clearer. 

Finally we have death. He is very detailed as well. When comparing him to War he is much better detailed. His armor looks, his boots and his weapons all display excactly like he looks in the game. Also the soulkeepers that he has on his chest lights up.

All in all this makes for one really nice statue and is worth every penny.

A few last words. My statue arrived almost flawless, but I did find one little error. The chain that goes around despair is made of Flex resin. This seem to be very fragile. On one side of Despair it was actually a little piece of it that had fell of. Making the chain not going around the whole bit. It was still in its fixed position though and is easily fixed with a glue pistol. Its really hard to see, but I think fixing it protects it from more damages.

All in all I give this staue a 9/10.

I think you would love this statue Juan. It really is so much nicer than the War and Ruin.
Thank you for rubbing it in at the end, Alexander. Sucks that I don't have it yet. Really love how the lighting gives the smokey-effect on the statue. It's a fantastic looking statue and I definitely plan to get it. Hoping to see the last 2 horsemen made as statues as well. Also seeing Samael together with the first 2 horsemen makes me want to get Samael as well..

Here are more pics from Alexander..

 Fantastic review Alexander, many thanks for this!