Tuesday 16 April 2013

Something New has Captured my Interest..

I recently saw a trailer of a new game that has got me excited as well as interested..Which led me to think.. When was the last time I have bought a game which isn't a sequel of games that I already own?

I looked through my game purchases and something has got me concerned.. My last dozen or so purchases have all been sequels.. So what's wrong with me? Are there really no new games that I have caught my interested or am I doomed to sequels of the same old games..

The games that I am looking forward to and plan to get in 2013 are Army of Two: Devil's Cartel (Haven't bought it yet even though it's released), Dead Island Riptide, GTA V.. All sequels!

Granted.. One of the main reasons I don't get other games are due to the lack of time. I have heard some good stuff about games like Dishonoured, Walking Dead, Far Cry 3 but I don't even have time to complete the current games I have. Even then, I wouldn't say these games are a must-buy for me. I would probably get them if they are available on a good sale. This will mean just adding to my already large backlog and trying to fit them in between releases. There hasn't been a game from a new IP that's a day-one purchase for me in a long while.

However, something might change this.. Thief.. a simple name from a long-running series that I have never heard about. Initially I thought it was a new IP but there have been other Thief games in the past, a long time ago. Personally I never knew such a series even existed, but the trailer has me drooling..

Looks very interesting and the main character looks very stylish even though the hooded character reminds me of Assassin's Creed and the game-play is a little like Dishonoured. Still a very cool-looking character named Garrett.. Already thinking how cool a statue or figurine of him would look.. haha.

It's going to be for next-gen consoles so PS4 for me.. Still a long way to go but I'll be keeping track of this one..