Friday 14 June 2013

Thoughts on Sony's E3 Press Conference Part 2

Continued from Part 1..

After that, I was lost for a bit when they started showing the Indie Games and Japanese Stuff..

Then came the reveal of the Playstation 4..

All kinds of win during their reveal! 

The ability to play used games brought out a huge cheer of approval. Personally, I don't buy used games as I am very picky about having mint copies of my games. Don't want the hassle of keeping a look-out for scratched discs, mint cases etc. Call me old-school but the feeling of tearing off the plastic wrap off a brand new sealed copy and the smell of mintness still appeals to me.

However, allowing used games will give me the option of selling away some games that I might not want to keep. So, definitely good news for me here.

Playstation 4 owners would also not be required to login online every 24 hours to play games. This is in direct contrast to X-Box One's requirement. Definitely, +1 to PS4 here. Yea I know that it is the year 2013 and basically 99% of gamers would have a internet connection. So, what's the big fuss? While the huge majority of gamers would have an internet connection, not everyone would have access all the time. 

What if my Internet is down for a few days? What if I want to bring my console over on a holiday but there is no Internet access? Thankfully, I won't have any of these problems to worry about. However, to be fair to Microsoft, I think there is more to it. They have yet to talk about the benefits and address some of the issues about the 24-hour online requirement. Really should have done better with their Press Conference.

So, being a Playstation 3 owner and having owned a PS2 before that, I don't see any reasons to switch over now. The lower price of the PS4 console is another advantage! 

My preferred games like Infamous: Second Son are still exclusive to the Sony Console. Other favourites like Assassin's Creed IV, Watch_Dogs, Batman: Arkham Origins are all getting exclusive bonus content on the PS3/PS4. More is always better! I do have to mention Killer Instinct was pretty cool but disappointingly, it will be a X-Box One exclusive.

This game looks really cool and looks like my kind of a fighting game. Really hoping that it will come to the Playstation 4 in the future.

So, in a nutshell.. I'm pretty glad with Sony's Press Conference. The requirement to be a PS Plus suscriber to play online was a small downside but I'm fine with that. There will be plenty of advantages to cover the amount paid. Still hoping to hear more exclusive games for the PS Vita though. 

Other than that, I'm definitely excited an looking forward to owning a PS4. Habitually, I don't buy new hardware so early in the cycle so I won't be rushing to get one this time as well but time will tell. 

Some of my close friends have also been impressed by the PS4 over the X-Box One and while they currently are not convinced about the PS3 over the X-Box 360, they will be crossing over the fence for next-gen. Great news to have more friends on the console to play with.

So what do you guys think? Still sticking with Microsoft or are you a new convert? What about Playstation fans? Anything interesting you find with the X-Box One? Do feel free to share. 

I still have plenty to write about this year's E3 so do visit again!