Wednesday 26 June 2013

Weekly PlayAsia Deals (June 25 - July 2)

Plenty of good deals this week!

Tomb Raider (US $24.90) - Buy Tomb Raider for PlayStation 3 (PS3) / Buy Tomb Raider for Xbox360 (360) /
Tomb Raider (US$21.90) Steam CodeBuy Tomb Raider (Code Only) for PC CD-ROM (PC)
Whether you like Lara Croft's new look or not, this game still is selling well. In fact, stocks for the sale ran out before I posted this but PlayAsia managed to secure more stocks. Don't let it slip again if you intend to get this game.

Far Cry 3 (US $24.90) - Buy Far Cry 3 for PlayStation 3 (PS3) / Buy Far Cry 3 for Xbox360 (360)

Awww damn, been thinking of getting this game if I find a good deal, after my sudden interest in the Far Cry Vaas figurine. Rishi, a friend of mine, has also gave game a thumbs up. But I have been buying stuff for my new Vita. So due to budget being stretched, will sadly have to pass on this for now.

Amazing Spiderman (US$18.90) - Buy Amazing Spiderman for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Hmm.. I haven't been following this game so I'm not sure how good this is. It seems to have Playstation Move features, web-slinging perhaps? Anyone played this game? Please do let me know what your opinion is about it, in the comments below.

Mortal Kombat - PS Vita (US$19.90) - Buy Mortal Kombat for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)
Ahh.. Just what I wanted.. If I didn't have store credit in my local store Qisahn, I would have definitely got this deal. I already bought this at Qisahn, so will be picking it up later after work. With the store credit, that deal was definitely better than PlayAsia's.

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