Monday 3 June 2013

Late night Rant...

While waiting for my Marvel Heroes patch to finish downloading, I needed to rant..

If people are going to use the pics that I took from the Last of Us Event, I would think that it would be common courtesy to link back to the Original Post or at least say where it was taken from. Guess not everyone has the basic courtesy I guess.. 

I have already seen my pics on a Arabian site who just copied several of my pics, a eBay seller who is using the pics to sell his statue and some guy on a forum posting 1 of the pics as if it's his own. What a bunch of crap..!

Edit: Even Gamestop UK is using my pics now.. They better send me some commission for that..

Anyone else experienced this? I don't really like going to the extend of water-marking my pictures but is it a necessity? Or should I just let it slide.. I dunno, I'm just a little annoyed.. Tell me what you guys think..